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New Promo Codes + JamaiCuban Jerk!

We made some goals for 2018 and we're following through to accomplish them!

First order of business, the NEW JAMAICUBAN JERK SEASONING is NOW AVAILABLE!!!

After a year and a half of development we finalized the JamaiCuban Jerk Seasoning and it came out absolutely amazing.

Third's BBQ JamaiCuban Jerk Seasoning

Flavor Profile: Jerk Chicken and Jerk Pork are common staples in Jamaican cuisine. In Third’s JamaiCuban Jerk Seasoning, we’ve created a wonderful balance of traditional spicy Jamaican Jerk and Cuban citrus flavors to make your tastebuds pop! This seasoning really goes great on chicken, pork, fish, and even steak! If you want a taste of the Caribbean, you’ll love this perfectly blended premium seasoning!

Best used when grilling, smoking and oven baking.


Next, we're going to begin issuing discount promo codes for all subscribers and customers.

Third's BBQ Insiders Club

As a member of the Third's BBQ Insiders Club, you'll be eligible for discounts and free product sample - whether rubs and seasonings or merchandise.

So make sure you subscribe and become a Third's Insider!

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