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I remember when I was a young little guy spending time in Pawhuska, Oklahoma with my great-grandparents, and watching my great-grandfather [Pampaw] prep bologna to go on the smoker. There were other times when I remember Pampaw picking out one of his many hogs to slaughter. He had an old school way of cooking - salt and pepper seasoning on the meat but that homemade sauce he made was amazing! I ate a lot of barbecue when I lived in Pawhuska.

I also remember living with my grandfather in Compton, California [my grandparents are both from Oklahoma - but they moved to California in the late 1950's].  Paw-paw made the best ribs - no sauce needed! Paw-paw made the kind of ribs that you could go to the refrigerator at 2 in the morning and just grab a cold rib and be happy standing right there by the refrigerator light eating that cold rib. The way he seasoned those ribs was just magical.

And then there was my father. Pops makes a mean rack of ribs too! Once I became an adult and settled back in Palm Beach County, Florida, Pops would barbecue every now and then and save me a few ribs to the side. In fact, he inspired me to carry on this Hollis barbecue tradition. I started thinking, "It's time I took the reigns and developed my own barbecue style."

And then it happened. The barbecue bug bit me in 2008.

My wife, Autumn [co-founder of Third's Barbecue] found a nice kettle style grill on clearance at a local store. I grilled steaks, burgers, fish, chicken...stuff like that. Then, I started experimenting with rubs and learning how the different spices go together. I wanted to make a dry rub to where you wouldn't need sauce for the meat - just like Paw-paw made.

In 2009, BBQ Pitmasters came out and I was hooked. Watching that show kicked my "Barbecue Dreams" into overdrive. I started cooking on that little kettle weekly until one day, I realized someone stole my little kettle grill.

Sure, I was just a little bit upset about someone stealing my grill but I decided to turn a negative into a positive and went out and bought my first offset smoker. It was time to take this journey to the next level.

I continued to perfect my bbq rub for beef and pork - and eventually added three more recipes - poultry rub, fish rub, and vegetable seasoning. I was able to smoke ribs low and slow and started really learning how to make the perfect brisket. I was learning how to manage my fire and what combination of woods go well with different meats. I was a sponge for bbq knowledge.

We call it Third's because I'm the third and it just fits...our bbq rubs and food all hold a long tradition of flavors. We've blended three generations of cooking together into one.

And now, it's time to take our bbq journey to the next level and share these BBQ flavors with the world!

Luther "Trey" Hollis III

Founder, Third's Barbecue

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