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Did You Hear? We Recently Rebranded A Few Of Our BBQ Rubs & Seasonings

Back in the end of 2023, we decided we wanted to rebrand a few of our BBQ Rubs & Seasonings.


Well, we changed the names and labels to better represent HOW the Poultry Rub, Fish Rub, and the Beef & Pork Rub can be used for much more than their respective names.

Here's a portion of the original Facebook post we made in December 2023:

We have decided to rebrand a few of the original rubs/seasonings as follows: OG BBQ RUB f.k.a. Beef and Pork Rub - this rub is actually great as an all purpose BBQ rub for poultry, beef, pork, and even BBQ Baked Beans. Savory Herb Seasoning f.k.a. Poultry Rub - while initially designated for poultry, we have used this blend for roasted potatoes, pork loin/chops, holiday stuffing, sweet potatoes, and more. Island Citrus f.k.a. Fish Rub Citrus Zing - this rub was initially intended for seafood to represent Florida as an answer to the classic Old Bay seasoning out of Maryland. It is, in fact, delicious on seafood as well as poultry and pork. The Vegetable, JamaiCuban Jerk, Merlot Magic, and Savvy Blanc Française seasonings are perfect as they are.

So there you have it. Just a slight change as we continue to evolve and bring you amazing rubs & seasonings to add to your pantry, and experience new tastes when you cook.

Third's BBQ: OG BBQ Rub
Third's BBQ: Island Citrus Seasoning
Third's BBQ: Island Citrus Seasoning

Third's BBQ: Savory Herb Seasoning
Third's BBQ: Savory Herb Seasoning

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